What are Chakras You are a Being composed of Light, Love and Intelligence—The essence of pure Energy.

Chakras are a Historic Key Element in the thinking & tradition of the Hindu system and has been for at least 5000-6000 yrs. Modern Science / Kirlian Photograph and Bio-Energetic body scans showed that the human body does indeed have a Bio-Energetic Field called the “Aura” and that there are focal points in this field called the “Chakras” also referred to as “Wheels of Light” or “Lotuses”. Our Chakras operate like Electrical transformers radiating and receiving Universal Energy and rotates and spins constantly.The body and every living being, including our Planet has Chakras. In the human body we mainly focus on the major Chakras that are situated next to a or near a hormonal gland.You have a Chakra for each ‘Issue’ you can commonly think about. Our Earth Chakras

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