“Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.” ~Unknown

The reality  of life is that there will always be adversity, challenges, hardship and pain, but despite what life dishes out,

we have to encourage each other to find the good in everyday and create our own happiness and joy . . .

1Find ways to do

From now on I want you to create a to-do mind-set. Typical human behaviour is to find reasons and

ways in why you should not or cannot to do things. This is taking the easy way out.!!  They’re called excuses. Make the best of

opportunities that comes your way – do not be afraid to do things that puts you slightly out of your comfort

zone – this is how we grow and learn so make it count!! Change what you can and what is going to make

you feel better and happier about yourself and in your life.

2. Strike a balance – there’s always time for work but Make time for play and silliness.

After a hectic day at work set time aside, even if it is just half an hour to do something you enjoy.

It could be a walk on the beach whilst playing with your dog,  kayaking, running with friends or just

something that brings you joy and pleasure, because it is all in what you make of it and it’s freeing

3. Embrace Life more

Worrying is a Waste of Your Intelligence . . . rather use that clever mind of yours to focus on overcoming

negative thoughts, anxiety, and everyday stress. Don’t be you own worst enemy,  you have the power

to change what you think and feel, you are in charge and by mastering this art will free you to

embrace what life really has to offer and not to worry about what it hasn’t.

Make your bucket list and stick to it – get out and meet people – save for that special holiday even if

it takes a year or two – at least you have something to look forward to!!

4. Look out opportunities to do good – It feels good to extend yourself and don’t wait to be asked

Help out where you can and find ways to uplift those who are in need. Giving freely is so uplifting.

Find a charity or cause you really feel strongly about and look for opportunities where you can assist

to help make a difference in this world. Because of the “banting” way of eating, I now raise an eyebrow

to my good old slice of toast or two that accompanies my breakfast when we eat out. Instead of throwing

it away or sending it back to the kitchen I decide I am going to “ pay it forward “ by making a lovely jam

and butter sandwich with the accompanying condiments and then give it either a car guard or someone

begging at a traffic light. That might be the only meal to some of the street children or homeless for that

day and it makes me feel like I am making a difference in a small way.

5. Pursue interests and passions that make you feel excited and alive.

Don’t wait anymore and put things off, life is too short to ‘Just Exist ‘ – find a hobby, get creative, start a

book club or join a networking group etc.  It’s all about priorities and how you build it into your life.

Each and every one of us have talents, the fun part is discovering and perfecting them.  If your mind

set is on ‘I cannot because …’ you will stunt your growth and become frustrated – develop a ‘can do’

approach to life and you will be amazed how things just open up and start happening in your life.

Go for it; the time is now.

6. More Love – Less Pain

With the understanding of the power of forgiveness comes wisdom. The more we forgive the less pain

and anxiety we will have. Treat others the way you want to be treated, with more love and understanding

and let go of pain, anger and guilt.

Once we grasp the concept of ‘ More Love – Less Pain ‘ we can truly start living a

Fun Filled Life

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