The Ultimate Inner EdgeThe Ultimate Inner EdgeThe Ultimate Inner Edge - The Ultimate Inner Edge

We are all inventors out on a voyage of discovery, each guided by our own private chart which is unique and has no duplicate. Our beautiful World is filled with Gateways of Opportunities and Wisdom that is within our reach but it is up to us to discover this  treasure.

It is my hope and aim to empower you in many ways that can help you to make the correct choices about your life. Using the tools at my disposal and tapping into my vast experience the objective is to give you the insight and guidance you as open minded individuals with great pioneering spirits, can learn from and use as you journey along to discover your Ultimate Inner Edge

For things to change, we have to change and it is only through Love, Compassion, Understanding and our Awareness that we can truly become great. It is us the people who can make or break this World and by voicing our opinions, experiences and visions, will are able to save lives, endangered species and give a lending hand to the underprivileged. Join in and discover your freedom and how to tap into your infinite abundance, express, share and enjoy the celebration I call ‘Life’ :

Shine – Be you and free to glow, be open, be the light, be great

Truth – Be real and true to yourself, be trustworthy and honorable, be

Abundance – Be limitless and free, be wealth, be at one and give from your heart

Rejoice – Be playful and colorful, be powerful and strong, be happy and celebrate life.

As Children we spontaneously use our intuitive abilities as natural extensions of ourselves but as we become adults we dismiss these talents and learn to develop our intellect and emotions in place of them.

Instead of using all our faculties, we devise defenses that deny our initial and basic instincts and conform our trust to people and situations outside of ourselves. We grow so far away from our own inner voices that we become  confused, angry, frustrated and unhappy.

Born with the gift certainly helped but like any inherent talent, to make the most of your talents you need to be willing to learn and practice to develop it fully. I like to use flowers as an example; they cannot grow and open without natural cultivation and nature does not compete to be the best in its field. Each flower has its own essence, this is also true of other living things, including people. There is no race or contest; no ability or amount of abilities is greater than another’s. Each person has his or her own garden to cultivate.

Once practiced, your abilities can grow and surprise and delight you like any other talent. One never stops learning, I have been doing this work and my healing for years and I am still discovering and learn something new, interesting and amazing on a daily basis.

Put your misconceptions and restrictions aside and allow yourself to be open and willing to explore and  unleash your creative potential bringing out your Ultimate Inner Edge

Whether it is your Health, Mental and Emotional state you would like to improve or need a life style change and you are in the need for Inspiration, it is my hope and dream that The Ultimate Inner Edge will be able to provide you with some of the answers and solutions

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