Reiki Tera-May Seichem MasterThe Ultimate Inner EdgeReiki Tera-May Seichem Master - The Ultimate Inner Edge

Most regular sessions are an hour and includes the assessment and balancing of the Chakra system, cleansing of the Aura, crystal healing and sound therapy.

Reiki or the Radiance Technique can be applied to anybody or any condition to enhance a treatment program, help relieve pain, or as a general “tune-up”
The Reiki energy is drawn in and focused through the hands to make a link between two living beings and does not compete with other traditional or modern health care systems and techniques. People experience Reiki in many different ways and the experience can range from feeling more calm and centred to more energized or both!

I have studied and acquired knowledge not only on Reiki but also Crystal Healing and Sound Therapy and make use of both to help with the release of emotional trauma, stress and releasing the past. I use my own range of Aura essential oil sprays during my healing sessions to assist in the cleanzing of the Aura and to revitalizes and energize the body.

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Reiki Sessions : R 250 for an hour

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