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Meditation is the direct experience of your own mind. For most of our waking lives we experience only the thoughts, emotions and sensations that fill our minds, an ever-changing stream of distractions.

In meditation, we distance ourselves from this flow instead of identifying with it, we become an observer.

Meditation is the path towards self-knowledge and is a form of mental spring-cleaning that rests and relaxes the mind. Through practicing meditation we develop better concentration and awareness that helps us to deal with the hectic pressures of modern day living.

The physical benefits of meditation is great and can help to calm the nerves before a stressful event such as public speaking, refresh the mind after a tiring meeting (or tiresome day) or helps us set the right mind frame for our day ahead. As we learn and experience the well being that comes with tranquility and peace of mind, the better we handle stress.

Released from tensions, the body seems better able to ward off infections and other illnesses and in a relaxed state assist in lowering blood pressure and promotes healing.

Come and join me now and turn away from all distractions, if only for a moment, and reflect upon you own inner strength, wisdom, healing and Ascension.

This is our Rebirth – As your cerebral spinal fluid (Christ) climbs your 33 Vertebrae, is referred to as (Jacobs Ladder) it will meet your 12 cranial nerves, referred to as (12 disciples) and then it ignites the pineal gland which is your resurrection.   Gradually the dots will start connecting and humanity will begin to realize that we have been looking everywhere for GOD but within themselves!    Being “Reborn Again” is just YOUR consciousness waking up to yourself and re-discovering who we really are . . . Corinthians 6:19 it is written “Your body is the temple and God is WithIN you”. Pslams 82:6 declares “Ye Are Gods, you are the children of the most High”  John 10:34 Yeshua answered back by saying “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said you are “GODS”   The Catholic Church, has lied to humanity and has hidden the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven. 

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